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Our Mascot and Loveable Hero, illustration by Dexter Kerr

Features and Benefits

Fun SBG Fact:

The Show Business Giants began life as a collaborative in-joke between ex-Neo Steve Bailey and failed restauranteur Tom Holliston. Combining acerbic wit and chord changes much too complicated for "The Five-Fingered Ones", as they referred to their fellow-Victorians, they wrote songs about jerks and disease, with only one criterion: if Bailey had to stop rehearsal in the midst of a new work's unfolding to facilitate, they knew they were "on to something..."

The Show Business Giants website was designed with you, the dedicated connaisseur of hi fidelty music, in mind.

Inspiration and Acknowledgements

The musical basis for the existence of the Show Business Giants can be traced back to art-deco perfomance art of the 1920s (also known as the "gory 20s", a time when many musicians were known to impale themselves upon their french horns, glockenspeils and flanges). The members of the Show Business Giants have expressed their gratitude to the likes of famous composer George Kennedy, whose military marches have long been the foundation for the rhythmic basis of SBG's creativity. Despite rumors to the contrary, Annette Funicello did not perform the trapeze harp on any Show Business Giants release. Please disregard what you have read in the entertainment periodicals.

Show Business Giants could not have survived the tumultuous 1990s without the caring, guiding hand of André René Roussimoff, a true giant of a man.

Some Testimonials

Fun SBG Fact:

Conscripting to their ranks mandolin player Scott Hendersomething of skatepunks Shovlhed, they recorded their first cassette, Gold Love at Hendersomething's Dollhouse Studios. The tape was outsold in its first quarter only by Suicidal Tendencies and the amazing Neil Diamond. One of the songs, "My Girlfriend's A Robot", was later a big hit for SBG hometown rivals, puck-rockers The Hanson Brothers...

The Show Business Giants have successfully toured all over the world, including most Canadian provinces and territories, a couple outlying islands, and a considerable amount of the remaining continents, excluding Pangea. Hearts have been touched worldwide and we'd like to share with you some unsolicited thoughts of influential personalities.

The Future?

Scott Hendersomething has this to say:
"We've always got something on the go. We can't sit still. That's not us. We're going to get around to finishing the What's Under The Meatpaste trilogy...finally! That's been a long time coming. Then there's this limited-edition of 300 000 CD box sets that we're doing which has us very excited. They're all going to be shaped like refigerators, you see, and each CD will be inside a jewel case shaped like something you'd likely find in a 'fridge. Capers, for example. Eggs, gelatin desserts, baking soda, things of this nature. I won't tell you what the single's going to be, but itll be the one that falls out of the door when you open it!

"There's also this on-again, off-again proposal for us to visit a low-orbit solar reflector as ambassadors of the Marubis - I guess they liked "I Can't Get Russell Johnson Off My Mind", eh? (laughs) I know that would thrill our bodyguard, Sen. He's always dreamt of visiting outer space!

"As for me, I've got a solo album coming out on Incentive called Honcho With A Paunch-O, and a new daughter to enjoy. I may go back to phrenology, which is really my first love. I always felt pressured into music." For an instant, Hendersomething looks distant and sighs.

"Well, what can I say? It keeps chlorine in the pool!"